The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement
The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement
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"The response to your lecture at our Metropolitan Detroit JCC on August 31 has been extremely positive in every respect. Thank you for presenting such an appealing topic in such an interesting way. The audience was the largest yet in our lecture series, and the number of books sold was the greatest.

Our people have been looking at The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement, and we completely agree with you that it is the definitive work on this subject. What an accomplishment!"

—Joan M. Jampel
Henry and Delia Meyers Library
Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit
“A book to strengthen one’s pride in being Jewish.”
—Rabbi Harold S. Kushner
author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People
“This book made me proud to be a Jew.”
—Ed Stolman
Entrepreneur, The Dove Bar
"An impressive tome…. Exhaustive examination of Jewish Achievement over the past 200 years…. An intriguing look at the modern history of an outstanding people."
—Kirkus Discoveries
“This is a hugely important book. Not only does it document Jewish achievement in compelling, fascinating detail. It hits the nail on the head in explaining that astonishing achievement as the consequence of Jewish cultural capital—values, beliefs, and attitudes that drive progress. And it makes it crystal clear that those values, beliefs, and attitudes are available to all, Jew and gentile alike.”
—Lawrence Harrison
Editor of Culture Matters with Samuel P. Huntington
and author of The Central Liberal Truth
“The individual narratives…[are] so well written and interesting that I enjoyed them immensely. That the Jews achieve in all fields disproportionately to their numbers, and that this has an historical dimension and is much more true after the l850 Emancipation—seems overwhelmingly self-evident by the end of the book. I was remarkably impressed. [This is] a superb job of research, organization and presentation.”
—Michael Denneny
Editor, New York
“An exceptionally useful work of reference.”
—Rt. Hon. Sir Martin Gilbert, P.C., CBE
Historian, London
“As I read the manuscript, tears of joy came to my eyes. I thought: ‘This is a long overdue summary of an amazing tribe of high achievers.’ I am so grateful to Steve Pease for all the hard work and scholarship in creating an outstanding book.”
—Dr. John Stace
Rural Medical Practitioner, Australia
“I enjoyed looking at it a lot, and it will be an invaluable reference source for others looking at the topic. Congratulations.”
—Charles Murray
author of Human Accomplishment, The Bell Curve
“Beautifully written….Completely mesmerizing…thoroughly enjoyed it….The mini biographies are brilliant. I had never thought of it before, but the mandatory and continuous education…goes far in explaining the phenomenon. Education and hard work can certainly make an ordinary person extraordinary.”
—Linda Kuhns
Volunteer, Sonoma
“I am overwhelmed by such a fabulous piece of work. Obviously a lot of energy and thought has gone into this compendium.”
—Richard Simonet
Ernst & Young partner, retired
“A prodigious achievement….Very impressive.”
—Karen Collins
Community Activist, Sonoma
5 STARS - "The best book of its kind I know."

"As someone who has for many years investigated the subject of Jewish contribution to the culture and civilization of mankind, I am deeply impressed by this volume. It is rich in information about Jewish contributions in a wide variety of areas of human endeavor. It tells the stories of remarkable Jewish individuals. It even provides an analysis of the cultural factors which Steven Pease believes are largely responsible for the disproportionate contribution of Jews to mankind...

...According to the biographical information given on the flap of the book, Steven Pease was born and raised as a Presbyterian. It is better, I believe, to see this kind of analysis coming when it is not just 'home- cooked noodles...' a time like this, it is important that people have a sense of how the Jewish people, and especially Israel, are making a contribution to the well-being of humanity."
—Shalom Freedman
Jerusalem, Israel

What a wonderful book Mr. Pease has written, I can't wait to come home from work so that I may continue reading.

Thank you again for this wonderful and very interesting book -- it is so informative. I will pass it on to my adult children when I've finished reading it.

—Carole D.

"[An} exhaustive examination of Jewish achievement over the past 200 years....

...From the number of Nobel Prize winners, to the percent of students on Ivy League campuses, to the notables on various “Greatest 100” lists of historical figures, Jews have a consistently strong showing despite their otherwise small world presence. Though the author discusses Jews throughout history, his real focus is on the period since the “Jewish Emancipation” dating back to the age of Napoleon. At this point, Pease argues, Jews began to have greater opportunities to contribute to national and global cultures.

The bulk of the book is dedicated to documenting individual and collective Jewish achievements, from Milton Friedman to Barbra Streisand and from the Six-Day War to real estate development.

The author finally provides an analysis of this data, concluding that Jewish culture, above any other factor, has contributed to such high achievement. Cultural focuses on family, education, autonomy, moderation and charity have all contributed.

...this is an impressive tome. Intriguing look at the modern history of an outstanding people."

—Kirkus Discoveries
Nielsen Business Media
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